Tiki Border


It’s been said “we only use a portion of our brain at any given time”. If that’s true, I’m glad that my hemisphere of choice is the right side, where creativity and innovation thrive. I mean if you’re going to let your mind wander, you might as well take it to the best places…….. and times. I like tampering with the “when dial” while using that transport mode.

I frequently get asked “Where do your ideas come from?”. Well I do try to keep as open for them as possible. You never know where, or when they will come, so I try to be ready. I carry a small sketchbook around with me, I also have them stashed around the house. The artistic muse can be particularly stealthy at times. When they show up, ( I say “they” because I can’t give credit all in one place) I need to do a small sketch and some notes for future reference.

Having been raised very near the coast, I spent countless hours since I was young, in, on, under, and around the water. I was brought up with an appreciation of creation and the vast array of life inhabiting it. The sea was my earliest influence and still is a very powerful one. Particularly the Pacific rim and it’s people. Actually just about any so called “primitive” culture that has a rich artistic history, are a constant source for me. Interpreting it, now that’s where the real joy comes in.

Formal art training continued after entering college on a small art scholarship. After many years spent in the construction Industry. I now hold a patent for industrial design of a structural nature, along with several extrusion and connection innovations. During that time much of my artistic endeavors were used in my church, drawing, painting, sculpting, banners, set, prop, and costume design and construction etc. Largely self taught, I have dabbled in a wide variety of media. Going between two dimensional art and sculpture, settling on polymer clay and water based paint ….at least for now……..

Inspiration is all around us, you just have to be open to it. When it comes to me, I’ll take an idea, “roll” it around a bit at the end of a pencil and go. I’ll put my own spin on it, then just put it out there. I hope you like it.