Tiki Border

Tiki: My Take

After World War 2  when the folks got back home, having been exposed to the paradise of the islands, wanted to recreate it. Of course like anything else we get our hands on, we just got to “improve” it. So our version of paradise was conjured up in restaurants, bars, hotels, movies and on TV all over the country. Americanized versions of island life popped up everywhere, in some cases thousands of miles from any ocean. Super kitch and over the top, the craze caught on. If you were cool, you too could create an “island oasis” in your own den or basement. “Tiki” masks, grass skirting, exotic drinks complete with their own little umbrella and or fruit skewer, coconuts and bamboo adorned mini bars tended by “Hawaiian shirted” hosts were the “in” thing. The craze was represented all over. I loved it, from the architecture to the tikis, although not necessarily authentic, my tikis are a mix of the old and the new. While some have a tribal feel most are just whimsical versions of what came before. They are all sculpted by me, each one detailed and signed, some are embellished with semi precious stones or glass beads, others actually have moving parts. Most are between 1 and 2 1/2 inches long and can be used as a pendant, lamp or fan pull, or adornment for your computer or your car. (they are not imbued with any power, save the ability to make you smile)

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